About our company healthcare wellness

From the Health Services of the French Armed Forces, the Naval Health School and the famous “Val de Grâce” Teaching Hospital and Medical  School, Dr Bernard Lefèvre, co-founder and CEO of L2BW, and Professor Yves Breda, Medical Director of L2BW, both surgeons and tropicalists, have a fairly exceptional international experience on 5 continents both in medical-surgical practice, in teaching, in setting up hospital structures and university partnerships. Their paths have been marked by important political, social and associative responsibilities.


The collaborators of our company have been chosen for most of them, from French and European military executives, managers
or line managers, and have high-level international experiences,
both in healthcare and management.

« At the heart of our care ! »

Our mission, often complex, is to help public health authorities or private health companies to strengthen and improve the health conditions in our society, of all human beings around the world.

The aim of our mission is to develop new models of care and promote practices based on our concept « We care ». The infrastructures we are developing must be flexible and take into account all the intergenerational specificities of our society so that each patient, resident live in a healing and safe environment.

 Health Sustainability through Innovation and Excellence 

Our vision of health and well-being is articulated around sustainability through Innovation and Excellence.
It includes Partnerships for academic and industrial research and
the success of the mutation for an innovative and personalized medicine.

Social Element

Social Element

Shifting care and health management from a curative to a much more preventive approach.

Personal Element

Personal Element

Establishing a practice of personal well-being at his own pace, lifestyle and personal habits.

Economic Element

Economic Element

Studying environments, locations to be more open, that promote intergenerational links and the sustainable relationships.

It also implies the implementation of a healthcare continuum path through translational research, Epidemiological research, Access to progress in diagnosis, treatment, care and public health, and the evolution of health care systems at all levels with the prioritization of ambulatory medicine.

Our Team

« When expertise meets experience ! »

Our company include international renowned health and wellness experts.

The Top Management is represented by :


Dr LEFEVRE Bernard, CEO of L2BW

He sits on the Board of Directors of the Social Security Agency of the French Ministry of Defence and is also a permanent member of the retired military personnel. Dr LEFEVRE is a renowned surgeon with more than 40 years of international experience.


Professor BREDA Yves, Medical & University partnership Director

Internationally renowned doctor and surgeon. For many years he has been a consultant in the development of learning solutions and specialized in the creation of medical structures, academies and transfer universities for Blue Chips. These 40 years of experience in surgery have allowed him to learn a little more about the world and to participate in international knowledge transfers, particularly in Africa and Asia.


General Patrice van Ackere, Controller & Audit director

From 2020, the team will be reinforced by other members like General Patrice van Ackere, Controller & Audit director of Health Services from the French Armed Forces, Malek El Husseini, Health Expert for Middle East and others.

Dr Jean-Baptiste BREDA

20 years including 9 years in private practice.
Medical officer at World Health Organisation (WHO) Brazzaville Africa
Regional Office: health monitoring in the framework of the International
Health Regulations (IHR): notification, confirmation, evaluation and
implementation of technical support for any event presenting a health risk
of international scope.
Expertise in the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of chronic pathologies:
diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
Expertise in paediatrics and pregnancy monitoring in hospital evironment.

Marine QUEYREIX Chief Nurse

Management of patients in various specialties: pediatrics, palliative care,
follow-up care and rehabilitation, functional rehabilitation, psychiatry,
surgery, urban care, etc.
– Kerpape » Functional re-education and rehabilitation centre in Southern
Brittany: paediatrics, spinal cord and neurological trauma, burns…

« We care : Caring together makes us stronger ! »

Healthcare & Wellness is the specialised health division of Link 2 Business World.

The co-founders of Healthcare & Wellness are Dr LEFEVRE and Mrs. Peschel. Both have extensive experience in health and management, which led to the launch of the health division of our company.

Our team is entirely dedicated to managing health and wellness projects in Luxembourg, Europe or Middle East upon request and needs of our international, private or public clients. We set up long-term care facilities implementing our concept “We care” for a sustainable healthcare model.

If you would like to know more about our projects and investment opportunities in health solutions.