Education in health

To reinforce our educational approach, according to the sectors, we complete our engagement by calling on high level professionals from ex-military health services, public and private health sector & partnerships with highly specialized university or hospital structures.
Our concept « We care together » allows to value the transfer of knowledge and skills by ensuring a long-term commitment.


It is a « win-win » approach that allows a university recognition to our programs and allows these universities to be part of inter-university partnerships in a direct and pragmatic educational model.

Our approach to education in health

Partnership in health

As part of a hospital project aiming at excellence in a non-European country and supported by a management team and French-speaking technical staff, H&W has developed the dual concept of transfer of competence and support of medical local personnel.

For this purpose, the hospital centre is positioned as an intermediary interface between the local training structures (university, faculty, hospital …) and a French-speaking university partner (France, Luxembourg, etc.), the only one able to ensure a real hospital technical training diploma (medical specialties, paramedical diplomas).

The structuring of this inter-university academic partnership allows on the long term an academic support for the reinforcement of the training courses of specialists (3rd cycle) as well as for the organization and the structuring of training centres for paramedic’s personnel (midwives, nurses, etc.).

Link 2 Training Services, your learning solution partner

At the same time, Link 2 Training provides programmes and « complementary » information targeting the medical sector. These trainings are provided by highly qualified and recognised facilitators, trainers, speakers recruited (staff or missionaries) by L2BW.

We propose a wide range of programmes from the medical sector (workshops, conferences, congresses, seminars, technical demonstrations, etc.) to the administrative organization of hospital units, training courses in health economics and communications techniques, among others.


Would you like to partner for the developpement of the healthcare sector ?