EHC – European Human Care


Do you want to know a little more about our projects aimed at seniors, about their daily support in structures that are entirely adapted to their needs? Would you like to invest in large-scale projects in Switzerland, Europe or the rest of the world for seniors? Discover now our European Human Care – EHC projects which will be launched very soon in Switzerland and near Lausanne.

European Human Care – A different approach to care for the elderly

Today, there are more and more elderly people in Europe and around the world. The population is ageing, which leads countries to think about new solutions, new concepts, new approaches to caring for their elders in quality medical conditions while allowing them to maintain as independent a life as possible, as pleasant as possible as if they were still at home, in their own homes.

Together with all our teams, we have made the ambitious challenge of designing, building and managing high-end health and wellness facilities, retirement homes and residences for the elderly in various European countries and more specifically in Switzerland.

In addition to our project development services, we support you in consulting, project management and staff training services so that your staff can provide the best possible care to all our residents, your elders.

Our mission: To create an environment where well-being is the key!

L2bw Healthcare & Wellness wishes to offer all the population and investors a new approach to care for the elderly, our elders.

The facilities we design and develop are entirely designed to provide the best care, complete medical care on a daily basis. We are also committed to encouraging intergenerational exchanges, exchanges that allow our elders to enjoy life and share good times with young and old, even for those who no longer have the chance to have family and friends.

Each resident will be able to have a personalized solution, a solution adapted to his needs, his independence or his dependence in certain cases. All our projects are designed to help them maintain their lifestyle, their general well-being and support them on a daily basis so that they are as independent as possible.

« Our goal is to create a happy and healthy environment for all our residents because we are convinced that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. »

In the coming years, we will continue to develop, we will bring our residences to the world, but before we can open our doors and propose our unique care and living concepts, we need to find the best possible locations. We must take into account many environmental and technical characteristics: site geography, climate, natural resources,… All these characteristics are analyzed by our experts and if the conditions are met, we will have the choice to be able to open us center, to help you in your approach to improve the well-being of your residents, the population of your country, your region.

The various projects for which we are most proud and which have been able to see the light of day in recent years are located in Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands, Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, Martigny and Lausanne, Switzerland for our EHCs.

Every day, our teams do everything in their power to put the well-being of your patients, your constituents, at the heart of their thinking to create tailor-made projects combining well-being, health and luxury

To learn more about our various Amber Resort projects around the world or for any other additional information, contact us now by email or by phone. We are at your entire disposal.

« Our goal is to create a happy and healthy environment for all our residents because we are convinced that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. »

European Human Care – Our projects under development

To meet the needs of our seniors, we are developing two projects in Switzerland, one near Lausanne and the other in Martigny, entirely dedicated to our seniors so that they can have pleasant medicalized living spaces.

To learn more about our various EHC projects or for any other question about our company, the proposed investments, contact us now by email or by phone. We are at your disposal.