Healthcare and Wellness Medical Fields


We propose to our public and private partners different services to develop healthcare facilities to meet their needs and respond to increasing demand for health solutions and wellness treatments.

We are active in project development, medical management and education partnership. We accompany our partners from healthcare conception to architectural design to recruitment of medical staff to launch and ensure operational management. In addition and what makes us unique due to our origin and professional health background, we focus on Education by integrating in our approach the transfer of skills and knowledge to local medical partners through university partnerships. Our approach allows our partners to reinforce their competences under our supervision.

Our strong experience is directly linked to our professional origin: the military health services in France and in Europe. Our mission is to provide medical and surgical support. We are competent in terms of care, medical aptitude and expertise, prevention, teaching and research in the medical, pharmaceutical and paramedical fields. 

Our approach is partnership based and since few years we noticed an increase in public-private alliances to develop joint medical structure to support local healthcare strategy. 

Discuss with us on our current projects for investment opportunities in Luxembourg, Europe, or Middle East?
You are a public health service or a private company, an investment company and would like to develop an innovative and sustainable health facilities in your country?


H&W can guide you and assist you in your conception and development phases.

Discover our current projects by geographical zone.
Our two brands « Amber Resort » and « EHC » propose a differentiated health solution to meet the needs of clientele and patient.


« Enjoy expert care in an exceptional setting »!

To ensure the well-being of all our patients and residents, we have developed a unique approach: the « Amber Resort » concept. It aims to provide everyone with a unique experience combining health and well-being services in a single location.
At « Amber Resort », a high-level quality of medical and wellness services is required. Our services are delivered by highly qualified personnel. Their mission is to provide excellence in care. In an exceptional environment, each client will be able to enjoy a wide range of well-being treatments and relaxing programmes.


« A different approach to care for the elderly »

Today the elderly population is growing fast, which lead countries to think about new solutions, new concepts, new approaches to care for their elders in quality medical conditions. The objective is to maintain them as independent as possible, in a comfortable and pleasant environment as if they were still at home.
Together with our teams, we develop high-end health facilities, retirement homes and residences for the elderly in various European countries including Switzerland.

To find out more about our current projects, the various missions we have been able to carry out or to discover investment opportunities, get in touch with our team.