Medical Management

Alliance & Partnerships approach

We have a long experience in project development and operational management … our team members are highly qualified and have a strong expertise thanks to their military health experience worldwide, which reinforce our “holistic” approach in the way we practice medicine.

We adapt our medical structure to the local context and we strive to find the best solutions for our partners.


From idea to concept
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Recruitment of medical and paramedic staff
Medical & Management training
Operational management


From retirement home, to assisted-living residences, clinics , hospitals with specialised cares, we combine our highly qualified expertise and experiences of our practitioners with state of the art technology to manage our structures at the cutting edge of innovation for patients, families and residents.

We have had the opportunity to carry out many projects in Europe and in some parts of the world.

Discover some of our most exceptional infrastructures…

Project management

Dr Jean-Baptiste BREDA

Medical officer at World Health Organisation (WHO)

  • Brazzaville Africa Regional Office: health monitoring in the framework of the International Health Regulations (IHR): notification, confirmation, evaluation and implementation of technical support for any event presenting a health risk of international scope. Working in close collaboration with local and regional political institutions.
  • Participation in the elaboration of official reference documents:

    • Presentation of the IHR for African Ministries of Health.
    • IHR Tool for Assessing National Epidemiological Surveillance Systems
  • Mission to Cameroon in coordination with the Ministry of Health to assess the state of their health system in order to propose recommendations and a National Action Plan. 

Dr Bernard LEFEVRE

Colonel – Surgeon and practioner from french health military services

  • Mission to launch a family planning centre in Saint-Laurent du Maroni. Design and functional reconstruction of the family planning centre.
  • Late 90, he co-founded « Communications and Technologies », a medical management company using telematics. 
  • Beginning 2000 : Vice President of Hospitals Without Borders
  • Since 2008, as Chief Executive Officer of Link 2 Business World, continues to manage numerous medical and paramedical studies and projects, particularly for senior citizens, concerning care, well-being and trainings in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Canary Islands, Morocco, Senegal, Congo Brazzaville, RDC, Saudi Arabia, U,A,E.

Prof. Yves BREDA

General – Professor, surgeon and practioner from french health military services

  • Management of the ASPIC university hospital project in Madagascar, partnership with the University of Bordeaux (2004/2009): 
  • Construction/Rehabilitation and equipment of paediatric emergency services in four hospitals in Antananarivo: Tsaralanana, Befelatanana, Mahajanga and HJRA hospitals, construction of the technical platform (operating theatres, delivery/resuscitation rooms) of the Befelatanana maternity hospital.
  • Management of the budget under Title IV (Foreign Affairs): 1.5 million euros.
  • Establishment of university training courses for Malagasy specialists (specialists and professors)
  • Health Advisor to the French Ambassadors of the 9 Southern African countries (South Africa – Lesotho – Swaziland – Namibia – Botswana – Zimbabwe – Mozambique – Malawi – Zambia) (2009/2012) : 
  • Establishment of inter-university partnerships with French universities (Lyon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Reunion Island) and the Universities of these countries.

More than 30 years

in operational management

Hospitals facilities

Prof. Yves BREDA

  • 15 years, with responsibility in all components: financial, administrative, personnel management: 
  • In France: Laveran Hospital (Marseille)- 5 years, Desgenettes Hospital (Lyon) – 6 years, Jean Prince Hospital (Papeete, French Polynesia)- 2 years, Georges Dunant Hospital (St Pierre et Miquelon): 1 year
  • Abroad: Head of Surgical Services: Ruhengeri Hospital (Rwanda) – 2 years, Calmette Hospital (Phnom-Penh – Cambodia) – 4 years   
  • Modification of the medical evacuation system in French Polynesia, reconstruction of the military hospital with territorial reorganisation of care, construction of an emergency and intensive care unit, a general surgery unit, treatment and medical hospitalisation rooms and surgical units.
  • Reconstruction, rehabilitation and reorganization of the surgical units of the « Calmette » hospital. New development of the University of Medicine. To meet the needs and expectations of our partners, we offer global solutions for all your projects as well as trusted long-term partnerships in Cambodia.

Dr Bernard LEFEVRE

Member of the French Association of Surgery

Member of the French Society of Gynaecology

Member of the National Collège of gynaecologists and obstetricians from French  language

Numerous Publications in Surgery and Gynaecology-Obstetrics,

Regular contributor to « health » programmes on French TV (FR3, TV5, Canal Santé, etc.) 1986 -2010

  • Director of medical, administrative and personnel management services for 12 years in a military environment: combat units (SMA chief medical officer in French Guiana, 1st RCP parachute and 9th DIMA airborne units, Mururoa nuclear site) and hospital units (Hôpital d’instruction des armées Val de Grâce, HIA Bégin, Hôpital des armées de Bourges, then HA of Strasbourg)
  • Design and implementation of a gynaecological obstetrics unit at the military hospital of « BEGIN » St Mandé – France with 4 delivery rooms, 2 operating rooms, general services, gynaecology, maternity, planning centre and PMI centre.
  • Design of a « woman-child » hospital with a medical-surgical and obstetrical centre in Conakry with 250 beds, surgical, medical and paediatric services, a pilot maternity ward, a rehabilitation centre and schools for paramedics and nurses.

Dr Jean-Baptiste BREDA

  • 20 years including 9 years in private practice. 
  • Various medical practice in many « specialties » (mainly in tropical environments): West Indies, Guyana, Mayotte and metropolitan France. 
  • Hospital, Long term care institutions (SSR), private and dispensary practice in France.
  • Expertise in the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of chronic pathologies: diabetes, hypertension and obesity. 
  • Expertise in paediatrics and pregnancy monitoring.

Rehabilitation centres, Senior retirement facilities

Mrs Marine Queyreix – Nurse

  • Graduate from the Institute of Nursing Education 
  • Graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in Medical and Social Sciences and Techniques.
  • Management of patients in various specialties: pediatrics, palliative care, follow-up care and rehabilitation, functional rehabilitation, psychiatry, surgery, urban care, etc. 
  • Kerpape » Functional re-education and rehabilitation centre in Southern Brittany: paediatrics, spinal cord and neurological trauma, burns… 
  • Lorient University Hospital: pneumology, ENT… 
  • Sainte Marie Clinic (operating assistant) Martinique 
  • CH Charcot South Brittany: psychiatry
  • Private nursing practices: multi-pathological care of patients at home: diabetes, obesity, heart failure…

Dr Bernard LEFEVRE

  • Since 1998: Director of « La Caisse Nationale Militaire de Sécurité Sociale », co-manager of the 3 military long-term care homes in :
  • La Martinière in Orsay
  • Pleumeur Bodou
  • Fréjus

Education and Partnerships management

Prof. Yves BREDA

  • Implementation of qualification internships in six specialties, training of 450 specialists, 150 managers and 42 certified teachers. Construction, equipment and reorganization in Antananarivo – Madagascar of three pediatric emergency services and the maternity technical unit of the university hospital center.
  • Partnership for a training plan for health economists. Mission for the implementation of a universal health insurance system (NRI) in Botswana.
  • Teaching at IMTSSA (Marseille), Universities of Abidjan, Phnom Penh, Lyon, Antananarivo.
    Coordinator of inter-university partnerships in foreign universities: Phnom-Penh-Cambodia (1993/1997), Antananarivo and Mahajanga-Madagascar(2004/2009)

Mrs Marine Queyreix – Nurse

  • Mentoring and coaching of nursing students with expertise in specific training.
  • Expertise in nutrition , in particular for obesity issue.

Dr Bernard LEFEVRE

  • Professor at the School of Nursing Sisters (HIA Bégin)
  • Teacher at the Red Cross Nursing School
  • Professor at the Institute of Manual Therapy and Osteopathy
  • Secretary General of an Association for Postgraduate Education
  • Years 1990
  • Vice-President of the Union of Former Military Doctors (SAMA)
  • President of the SAMA and Honorary President since 2012.
  • Director of publication of the « SAMA letter ».
  • Years 2000
  • 1998-2020 : Member of the Permanent Council of Military Retirees in a personal capacity
  • Audit of Resettlement of ex-military personnel in the French Armed Forces
  • Publication of the « Guide to the Resettlement » of Military Physicians & practitioners (SAMA)
  • Co-author of the book « La Défense à plusieurs Voix » (Club Raspail)
  • Municipal Councilor of  French city “Bois-Colombes”
  • Director of publication of the « SAMA letter ».

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